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Wellness treatments and massages

“My name is Manon, I graduated in wellness massage 3 years ago.

My experiences in thalasso, 4* spa and at home allow me to provide you with a personalized and quality massage.

Passionate about the need to help others, to soothe the tensions of the body, and consequently of the mind, massage is for me the opportunity to be able to escape for a moment from everything that surrounds us.”

– Manon –

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~ Prices for massages and treatments ~


1h ~ 66 €

Massage using different maneuvers that begin with slow and harmonious touches, followed by sliding pressures that become more pressed on the tense parts of the body.


1h ~ 72 €

Rhythmic, enveloping and fluid massage, using sliding pressure of the hands, forearms and fists, which alternates with kneading, friction and stretching.


1h ~ 60 €

Massage using slow and enveloping movements that work on the energy points of the body, following the direction of blood circulation, in order to create a rebalancing of body and mind.


1h ~ 72 €

Massage working the tissues on the surface and in depth for muscle relaxation as well as stimulation of blood and lymphatic circulation, in order to oxygenate the tissues and eliminate toxins.

Intuitive / Personnalized

30 mins ~ 48 € / 1h ~ 78 € / 1h30 ~ 100 €

Facial Relaxation

30 min ~ 39 €

Gentle massage that reduces stress, brings vitality and regains a good complexion.

Japanese Facial Massage

1h ~ 55 €

Massage stimulating cutaneous microcirculation which aims to firm, tone and smooth the skin using smoothing, kneading, vibration and acupressure point techniques.

Indian Reflexology

30 min ~ 39 €

Massage mobilizing the leg from the foot to the knees, in order to stimulate the reflex zones using the Kansu bowl, made up of different metal alloys (copper, zinc, bronze), to relieve tension. 

Foot Reflexology

30 min ~ 44 €

Massage consisting of rebalancing the meridians in order to contribute to a better functioning of the organs, thanks to manual pressure exerted on the reflex zones.

Light Legs

30 min ~ 40 €

Massage stimulating the fluids of the body, by rising pressures, by chasing away excess water in order to relieve and refine heavy legs.


1h ~ 60 €

Very gentle massage, performed with the fingertips and the palms of the hands, stimulating the lymph in order to boost circulation, firm the tissues, eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system.

Seated Massage

20 min ~ 33 €

Seated massage massage using an ergonomic, clothed and oil-free chair that focuses on the back, arms, hands, neck, head and hips using pressure, stretching, percussion and massage. scans

Body Pelling

25 min ~ 24€

On appointment :

Monday to Sunday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Manon ~ 06 58 48 41 81

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Massage détente avec Manon
Massage détente avec Manon
Massage détente avec Manon